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Information about unblocking private calls and phone numbers

Wondering how to unblock private calls or private numbers? On this page you'll find a technique that anyone can use to unblock private caller's telephone numbers. This is a free service that hasn't hit the big time yet so if you've been looking for information about blocked calls and how to unblock the telephone numbers that call you, continue reading through this page.

Just remember to make sure that you block your own caller id number from being displayed on any number that you unmask or unblock and decide to call back. Most likely, the person calling you is only using a default caller id blocking feature. If the private caller calling you is using some type of call spoofing tactic to block their number you'll definitely want to block your number when attempting to call them back.

This page was created because everyone now a days is so afraid to answer a private call or a blocked caller for reasons most of them don't even know. If someone is harassing you by calling repeatedly from a blocked telephone number and you feel threatened, I would suggest calling your local phone company and the authorities to report them.

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How to unblock private calls for free on just about any cellphone

As time passes on, the amount of people who used telephones before caller id was invented gets smaller and smaller. Before caller id was invented, there was no way for you to tell who was calling until you picked up the phone and said, "hello?" After caller id services became mainstream, everyone found out that even with caller id enabled, people were able to remain anonymous by blocking their phone number of the people they called.

It's taken awhile, but now there is a technology available that can unblock private calls and numbers quick and easy.......and it's not limited to just law enforcement anymore.

The technology that will allow you to unblock or unmask private callers has just been released by the same company who makes the SpoofCard, TelTech Systems. Their new service is called TrapCall and it's used to unblock private callers.

The ability to unblock blocked calls was enough in itself to get me to use the Trapcall service but unblocking private calls is just one of the features provided. Check out the other features that are a part of the TrapCall telephone number unblocking service.

About TrapCall the unblocking private calls service

There are a few details about Trapcall that you should know before going any further. In case you are wondering how much TrapCall costs, you'll be glad to know that with the free version of TrapCall, you can unblock as many private caller id numbers as you want. There are multiple paid for versions of this caller id unblocking service and those versions will give you the extra bells and wistles you see listed above.

The second thing you should know is that TrapCall is only able to unmask or unblock private numbers on your cell phone, not land lines. Over at the TrapCall site they say the service will work with all cell phones that are registered with a mobile phone carrier.

Unblock private numbers on cellphone

How the unblocking caller id numbers process works

Here's a brief description of how the TrapCall private number unblocking service works. There are a few slightly different ways to use the service and I recommend reading any of the help documents or FAQ pages you can find at the TrapCall website. For those of you who need to unblock private calls for a more serious reason, even the cheapest paid for version of this service includes 1-800 number telephone support.

To get started, head on over to the TrapCall website and sign up for free or if you need extra features, choose a paid for plan that's right for your needs. The cheapest starts at $2.95 per month after the free version. TrapCall will then verify your number by sending you a message or two and after that you'll be able to unblock any private calls you may receive.

Steps involved to unblock private/blocked calls

Here's a short list of steps showing how the service works. Read this to gain an understanding of what you're supposed to do when you receive a private call with a blocked telephone number.

  1. You receive a private call from a blocked number
  2. Press either the ignore or reject button on your phone
  3. Wait as the blocked number is unblocked by TrapCall
  4. TrapCall then sends you back the unblocked number
  5. Your phone starts ringing again with the number unblocked

When you press the ignore or reject button when a private number calls you, the number is sent to TrapCall for unmasking and then sent back to your phone in a matter of seconds. The person calling you only hears the phone ringing and will be unaware of your ability to unblock his or her private call. The ball is now in your court and you have to decide if the number is one you want to pick up or ignore.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you take precautions when calling back a telephone number that you've unblocked, especially if you don't know who the caller is. Read the next section for information on reverse engineering the caller id blocking tactics that the private caller used on you.

If the number you unblocked using TrapCall turns out to be a telemarketer you definitely don't want them getting your telephone number again because they could flag your number as "active" or "keep calling".

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Staying anonymous when calling back unblocked caller ID numbers

Before calling any telphone number that you aqquired by using the TrapCall private call unblocking service, I really recommend changing your own caller id just to keep yourself anonymous. Who knows, you might just have a stalker or two calling you up with telephone numbers that are blocked.

The easiest and fastest way to fake your caller is by using a caller id spoofing service. In your situation, faking your caller ID can be easily accomplished with a SpoofCard, which is made by the same company that just released TrapCall.

SpoofCard will give you the ability to change the caller id number displayed on the people you call, record the telephone conversation, and disguise your voice. Law enforcement and private investigators say the ability to change caller ID has protected agents from being discovered in undercover operations.

With only a telephone number, one can find out what the rest of your personal information is. If the number you are going to call a private number that you unblocked using this service, cover your tracks and spoof your telephone number first.

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