iPhone caller ID spoofer | Cell Phone caller ID spoofing

Picture of a SpoofCard caller Id spoofing application for the iPhoneIf you're looking for a caller ID spoofer for your iPhone or a cell phone spoofing application, this page will provide information about the best application to spoof your caller ID from any cell phone or iPhone. This application is called SpoofApp and it comes with a bunch of great call spoofing features for your cell phone, especially your iPhone.

Caller ID spoofing from your iPhone is simple to accomplish with SpoofApp, the application that lets you spoof your caller ID from the Apple iPhone. This cell phone spoofer has some new features available for your iPhone like your call spoofing history and call recording playback in addition to the regular SpoofCard calling card features. Regular SpoofCard call spoofing features allow you to change the number displayed on your caller ID display, change or disguise your voice, and record your spoofing calls.

How to use SpoofCard caller Id spoofer on iPhone or cellphone.

In order to use SpoofApp to spoof caller ID numbers on your iPhone or iPod touch, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch with Installer.app installed. There are a number of different online tutorials online that explain how to jailbreak your iPhone in order to use it to spoof your caller ID using SpoofApp. Once your iPhone or iPod Touch is jailbroken, you'll find the icon for SpoofApp under the 'Toys' category on your iPhonetaller program.

Even though you can use your iPhone or cell phone as a caller ID spoofer with SpoofCard and the SpoofApp caller ID spoofing application, you should know that SpoofCard does not support dialing the access number from payphones or Skype. Any other telephone will work with SpoofApp and SpoofCard for all your cellphone call spoofing needs.

On a cell phone, SpoofCards work just like calling cards. First you grab a SpoofCard pin number and then call a 1-800 toll free number and enter your pin number. Next you enter a number you want to call and then enter a telephone number you want to spoof. Then you will be given an option to change your voice followed by another option to record your calls that you spoof your caller ID. It's very simple.