Disguising voice using a voice changer

If you're looking for information on disguising your voice or voice changer software, keep reading as I'll explain how to easily change your voice using any telephone or cellphone.

Disguising your voice using any home telephone or cellphone is something that anyone with a phone can do.

The term 'voice changer' falls into the category of caller ID spoofing and everyone from major companies to teenagers are now disguising their voice in addition to faking their caller ID number.

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Voice Changer feature with a Spoofcard

Using a spoofing service to disguise your voice is one way of changing your voice from any cellphone or telephone. For example, I use a killer service from SpoofCard.com. Anyone with access to a telephone can securely disguise their voice...and even record the call as a mp3 file.

You have the ability to change your voice to a male or female. The person whom you're calling will hear your transformed or disguised voice as you talk. It's so easy!


Disguise your voice using Spoofcard

In a nutshell, Spoofcard will first issue you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access your account. It's best to write this number down along with Spoofcard's toll-free 1-800 number before you begin using the voice changer service.

To start, dial the Spoofcard number and key in your PIN.

Next, the voice operated service will ask you to dial the number you'd like to call. Then you'll be asked to press '1' to change your voice to sound like a women or to press '2' to change your voice to sound like a man. Make your choice and the call begins.

Disguising your voice is that simple.


Getting SpoofCard to change your voice

If the power to disguise your voice with Spoofcard's voice changer feature weren't enough, every SpoofCard comes packed with the most interesting calling features I've ever seen.

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