About changing voice with voice changers

There's many different types of voice changers on the market today that'll give you the ability to change a voice to either sound like a man or a woman's voice.

Some ways involve a piece of hardware or a small gadget and others just like the one I'm going to tell you about allow you to quickly change your voice from any telephone anywhere.

This page will provide information about a voice changer that will change your voice to sound like a man or woman's voice by simply dialing a telephone number. There's no hardware or portable device that you have to buy. It's the easiest 'voice changer' I know of and it's a feature of a The coolest phone card! This really amazed my teacher.

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Voice Changer feature with a Spoofcard

Changing your voice to sound like a man or woman's voice can easily be accomplished with the help of a caller ID spoofing phone card from SpoofCard.com.

You see, the 'voice changing' feature is just one of several awesome features that make up a Spoofcard.

In addition to changing your voice to sound like a male or female, Spoofcard also let's you fake the number of your caller ID and record your telephone conversation and save it to your PC as an .mp3.


How to change voice with a Spoofcard

The process of changing your voice to sound like a man or woman is so simple. First you call a 1-800 number and enter the PIN number that you receive from Spoofcard.

A crystal clear automated operater will answer and ask you to enter the number you wish to call. After putting in the telephone number of who you want to call the automated operator will tell you that if you want to change your voice to sound like a man, press 1. If you don't choose a males voice, the operator will tell say that if you want to cange your voice to sound like a woman, press 2.

After choosing what sex you'd like to change your voice to, you'll then have the option of recording your telephone call. If you choose to record your call, the file will be saved online and you'll have the option of downloading it to your computer for free.


Spoofcard's voice changer and other features

If the power to change your voice with Spoofcard's voice changer feature aren't enough to satisfy you, every SpoofCard comes loaded with other useful calling features. See for yourself.

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