Using your cellphone as a voice changer

Did you know that there is a super easy way to use your cellphone as a voice changer to change your voice to sound like a man or a woman? If you search around for voice changers you will find that there are quite a few for sale, differing from one to the next.

This page contains information about a voice changer website that let's you change your voice from any telephone without hardware of any kind. This cell phone spoofing website is the easiest 'voice changer' I know of that records and changes your voice without sparing qualtiy.

Using this voice changer will keep your identity a secret by effectively changing your voice.


How to change voice without hardware

With the help of this caller ID spoofing phone card from SpoofCard.com, changing your voice to sound like a man or woman's voice can easily be accomplished without the need of any extra hardware or gadgets. In fact, all you have to do is remember a 1-800 number and a spoofcard pin number in order to use the voice changer feature.

For maximum security, this voice changer can be combined with the ability to fake, change, or hide the number of your caller ID. All of these features are free with every Spoofcard including my favorite feature, the ability to save recorded conversations as high quality .mp3 files to my computer.


Make, record, and download calls free at Voice changer website

Follow these easy steps to begin changing your voice to sound like a man or woman with this voice changer.

First you call a 1-800 number and enter the PIN number that you receive from Spoofcard. A crystal clear automated operator will then ask you to key in the telephone number of the person you wish to call and if you want to, the cell phone or telephone number that you wish to display on the caller ID of who you call. Next, the automated operator will ask you to press '1' to use the voice changer to sound like a man or press '2' to sound like a woman.

You'll then be asked if you'd like to record the call. If you choose to record your call, the file will be saved online and you'can listen to it over the phone, at the voice changer website, or download it to your PC for free.


Cell phone spoofing site's voice changer and other features

The ability to use your cell phone as a voice changer is just one of the features of this call spoofing website. Use all of these call spoofing features Without having to download any voice changing hardware.

Caller ID Spoofer and Voice Changer